Data Management Data

Monthly fee

*Prices do not include VAT

$ 25
Email us to sign up
$ 145
Email us to sign up
$ 195
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$ 900
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Users & Storage
Users who can submit data using the mobile app
25 submitters
add more 1$/2users/Mo
50 submitters
add more 1$/2users/Mo
100 submitters
add more 1$/2users/Mo
Users who can access data and manage it
2 users
add more 5$/user/Mo
3 users
add more 5$/user/Mo
4 users
add more 5$/user/Mo
Data Storage
Space to store data without files
1 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Files Storage
Space to store files and images
100 GB 200 GB 500 GB Unlimited
Forms Builder
Drag n drop interface to build your forms
Forms Relation
Create (one to many) and (many to many) relation with forms
Private Forms
Max number of forms that only your users can access
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Collection
Public Forms
Collect data by sharing links of forms that anonymous users can access through web browsers
Mobile App
Collect data using Formera mobile app
Offline Data Collection
Collect data using Formera mobile app without internet conection
Record meta data
Collect submitted data location, date, time, and more
Reports Builder
Choose the columns of report and design criterias to filter results
Analyze report results by adding bar, column and donut charts
Aggregate Functions
Make sum, avargae, max, min, and count calculations on your report columns
Max number of reports
50 Reports Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Duplicate Report
Present duplicated submissions in reports to review it and clean it.
Public Report
Design your report, set public data permissions, and share it with anonymous users.
Report Export
Export report results into csv and excel files
3 exports/day 5 exports/day 10 exports/day Unlimited
Submissions Map
See submissions' locations on the map
Submissions Dashboard
Get insights of forms' submissions
Advance Data Management
Data Import
Import data into Formera from csv and excel files
Data Discussion
Discuss data by posting comments to submissions
Monitoring Control Panel
Monitor all actions done your users (new submissions, updated, approved, rejected, and new comments).
Without Comments Full Full
Data Management Tables
Manage all data (search, Filter, groups of filters, show child -sub- data, sort and more)
Setup the dataflow steps and assign people to work on data based on their roles
Tracking Sheets
Customizable tracking forms to track an attendance, following project tasks, or making distribution tracking plans
Customizable alarm requests to watch your indicators and critical cases to announce you once happened
50$/Mo 50$/Mo
SSL & Mobile Connection Encryption
All connections with server are encrypted
Data Access Levels
Define data accessibility levels and assign users to levels
Permissions Management
Grant users access to froms and define read, write, submit, update, approve and comment permissions for them
Fields Permission
Grant users access To fields level and define read, write, submit and update permissions for them
Support for using Formera
Email Priority - 1 day Priority - 1 day Priority - 3 hours
Data Services
Online sessions with our DataTeam to help you build your DataBase
8 hrs/Mo 16 hrs/Mo Upon request

Local hosting

We can help setup and manage local instances of Formera if you need to manage and run Formera at your server. Contact to set up local hosting.


We provide virtual training, consulting services, and implementation of data analysis & visualization and data management applications. Contact to discuss your requirements.