Data Management

Advanced administrative processes throughout the life cycle of data.

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Data Management

Using Formera you can interpret your captured data, even in the case of large amount of submissions, you can easily manage them and get a full information about all user’s submission. Sort your data, and put it in an order, organize it in groups, view and arrange your data columns.

data Management Submissions
data Management Filter

A variety of built-in filtering options are provided, use simple and advanced filter, or build your custom logical Filter and configure the criteria exactly suited to your needs.

Setup data flows will pass in clear and logical sequence from collecting data to making the data review and approvals, and at last share it in reports.
Formera will help you make reliable decisions.

data flow
control panel

Review data by approvers to decide whether to approve or reject collected data. Let your team collaborate on data by posting comments and replies.

Control how users access your data by creating profiles for them. Formera make it easy to manage permissions.

field prmition
data team

Distribute your users into units and assign approvers. Units lets you define data accessibility levels and it's simple to organize just by drag and drop them any where.