Data Collection

Wherever the data is, use your laptop, tablet and cell phone to collect it, even if you are offline! wherever the data is, it is a click away.

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Data Collection
Data Management

Our drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to build forms. Collect basic or advance types of information, such as date, select, location coordinates, or files.

Break down your data by each form and its attributes. Make fewer errors by looking up, define nd validating data instantly.

complex field
lookup filed

Build complex data structure by relating forms to each other by using our special lookup field to make one to many and many to many relationships. No need for database design knowledge.

Run your forms on our mobile app using your tablet and cell phone to collect data. Fill out forms offline. Our web and mobile app work together so your teams stay connected. Auto synchronization when your tablet and cell phone connected.

Data Collection Data Collection