We provide mentorship grants to support humanitarian response and development projects for better services and more benefits for the people in need.

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To have a long-term benefit, more support, and a perfect guidance with a professional monitoring for your data and processes, with their impact and related procedures; we provide you with a mentorship program through 5 phases that guides the skills you have gained and the knowledge you have obtained from our Business of Data Training to put into action and achieve your organization’s goals.

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Data Management

Attend The Business of Data Training

Making your processes & your data perfectly connected, enables you to give the best for the affected people.

Review the current situation

Assess and document the current situation, and review the progress in order to find the gaps and potential improvement opportunities.

Data Collection
Data Management

Design to-be situation

In order to know how you are going to fill the gaps and improve upon the situation.

Plan for the implementation

Set the time frame and the resources needed to fill the gaps and keep improving.

Data Collection
Data Management

Monitor the implementation

Intervene according to the plans you have set before.

Change management

In order to figure out how you are going to resolve the new occurring gaps.

Data Collection

By conducting regular meetings with specific members of your organization’s staff to review what is essential and give you tips directing your approach to the perfect path that guarantees better services and more benefits for the people you always help and take care of, and for a better management and cooperation among your staff members.